Annual Rosary and Mass December 16, 2022

Our Lady of the Sierras - Christmas Message of December 20, 2019

“Message of the Mantle"


(speaking in tongues)

My Dear Children

How many times have I come to you and addressed you as my dear Children and yet my greeting loses its meaning?  If you knew how precious you are to my Son, you would realize that you are treasures, precious treasures entrusted to me as a gift from my Son to watch over and care for you. You are more than Children, you are God’s Children, chosen for a purpose by the power of God. Little ones, when you are burdened by the sorrows of life, let your hearts be lifted and filled with joy. For God loves you so and wishes for you to know that you are never alone. I am with you always, as my Son is with you, I too, as His Mother, join Him. Open your hearts tonight. That these words will touch and heal the wounds that you carry. For you are adopted royalty in the kingdom of heaven. Adopted and loved and cherished.

(Visionary) She’s blessing everyone, everyone.

How large is my mantel? I can toss it around the world.  I gather you to my heart, never fear that you are not loved, but fear only the ways of the world, that drag you down. My love is far stronger. Healing comes in trusting in my Son. Trust in Him, Trust Him, not just say, I trust in Him, but TRUST, TRUST; with every part of your body. Trust and miracles happen. You become changed and renewed in spirit and body. Renewed, refreshed, a new person. You become cleansed and ready to take on the obstacles that come your way.  For God prepares a path before you. A path well lit. Follow……..follow His light, for His light is pure love.

(Visionary) I feel her hand as it cresses my cheek. A precious tear that falls from her eyes. So beautiful……….So beautiful. Pure love has dropped a tear on her child, Thank you, Mother.

Allow the Holy Spirit O Lord, to touch the Pilgrims here tonight, that they will realize how much they are loved. How precious they are to God and to walk the path lit by God that leads to eternity with Him forever……….. and ever…….. and ever.

(Visionary) I see the beautiful colors, I see lots of lavender, I don’t know what kind of flowers, but they are lavender, and the aroma is like the lavender I remember as a child.

(speaking in tongues)

Peace my children, peace in your hearts with so many problems. Peace in the heart of Christ, will bring about miracles. Peace to you my children.                                                                        

(Visionary) And now it is so light weight, yet it covers all of us, the whole world.  Like Our Lady says, we are given to Her by Her Son as treasures. Which She shall care for; She is our Mother. I would run to you, but my legs will not, and She said;

but your heart has wings and reaches the throne of God…….send your heart to Him.

(Visionary) Fly my heart……. The stars are dancing; it looks almost as though they have wings. How can a star be happy? But all of heaven is happy……. all of heaven is happy. There is choice. Rejoice…Praise you Lord, Praise to you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. For our heavenly Mother, Queen of Heaven and Her blessing to come with us this night. Oh Jesus, can I praise you, Father. Thank you, Thank you.                         

Our Lady gives a command; Protect my children.

(Visionary) The sky lights up with angels.  Swords drawn.  Prepared for battle.  Her angels ready to protect us, what is there to fear, when God is on our side. There is something in here. A clang metal against metal…………no more details.

She blesses the water and the gifts that people have brought and those for Her Son. She draws to her heart; That She may personally give them to Him.  Oh, such tenderness is this love. How do we Love like that, Mother? Teach us how to love like that. We would melt, if we could love like that……… melt……….. out of pure joy.

 (Visionary) The angels tie her mantel and hand it to her. Tonight, we’ve become gifts for our Lord. She has polished us, so that we sparkle, we can see the glitter right through the mantel. So light weight, it is so strong; like the glitter of lights. We’re there, tonight we have become a gift.  She said,” to be a gift to one another…….to love, to cherish each other” ………. Her mantel has become the largest star in heaven, so bright, so beautiful. Look up so that you can see it. As Her Children, we are all part of her mantel…… we are all secure…… one will fall; as part of the gifts, we become polished and glowing……. we are all secure.

Thank you……….Thank you.

Heaven is singing. How beautiful……... How beautiful……...

Good night sweet Mother

Thank you……..Good night

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