Frequently Asked Questions to Our Staff

Q: Are there miracles happening on this hill?

A: There have been written and verbal documentation of which many have confirmed as an “unexplained healings” of either the body or heart.


Q: Has the Catholic Church investigated any acclaimed miracles?

A: No, nor presently do we intend to ask for church investigation.


Q: Has any unexplained phenomena occurred on this hill either visually or photographically?

A: Yes. We have many testimonies and pictures on file.


Q. Are there messages from a supernatural being given to a locutionist [s] in the Shrine area.

A: Yes, in our opinion.


Q: Who gets them and what is the documentation?

A: The person who is called “Pat” or in broader terms [the recipient of the messages from 1997 thru 2014]. Although many messages have been witnessed and recorded the true documentation is what one feels in their own heart.


Q: Is the recipient a visionary?

A: We prefer to call her a locutionist. A visionary is a broad term that applies to a lot of situations that can be misinterpreted.


Q: Explain how the recipient gets these messages and does she see anything?

A: In the early years they were considered inner locutions. In the later years most are audibly and sometimes visually given while she is in a spiritual state sometimes called “ecstasy”.


Q: Does she claim to see spiritual beings or “Phoneme of a supernatural nature”?

A: Upon occasion she has stated what she sees can be vivid, especially if it is a vision of something she is told to relate back to the community. In most cases she sees a being in a translucent body form, sometimes accompanied with beautiful colors or lights. One part of the message of 12-21-2012 reflects this example.


Q: What do these messages consist of?

A: These messages concern these times and sometimes prophecy, They also focus around love, forgiveness, the Mercy of Our Lord and teachings of how we should live our lives and relate to God. They do not focus on fear.


Q: Who gives these messages and why:

A: It is our discernment that they are permitted by Our Lord Jesus Christ and come from Him, His Mother and upon occasion other permitted heavenly beings.


Q: By what authority are these messages published?

A: They are allowed to be published under “Private Revelation” and also by the recipients two previous and current Spiritual Advisor. All are Catholic priests.


Q: What approach does the local Diocese take concerning these messages?

A: Since we did not ask the church for any formal recognition, they have issued a letter confirming their position as “It is a Private Matter”.


Q: Has the clergy visited and said Mass at the shrine?

A: Yes. One Arch-Bishop, two Bishops and over 100 priests have said Mass here.


Q: How long has she been getting messages and or visions?

A: Formally since June 1st , 1997


Q: Do you expect the messages to continue?

A: It has been stated that they will slow down, as so much has been said. Our Mother has repeatedly said, “go back and read the messages”. In April 2004 we were informed that the last of the seven year series of messages would conclude on the hill site of the first original message. This occurred on June 1st , 2004.


Q Will there be more messages?

A. Jesus and Mary continue to speak upon occasion. Our Mother has stated She will respond if Her Son sees a need for additional response such as the December Christmas messages.


Q. Have all the given messages been published?

A. No. Some were never recorded, many are private and a few were discerned not to be published. Some script file messages were lost in the June 2011 fire.


Q: Is recipient or are any of the prayer teams “healers”?

A: Jesus is the “healer”. We are nothing but intercessors praying to God to intervene for the benefit of a requested person or situation.


Q: If one is being prayed over what should he or she do?

A: Focus on the love and power of Our Lord and ask that your request be considered.


Q: Are most prayer requests answered?

A: Yes! God always answers prayer; but it is always in His time and in His way. Remember, sometimes His answer is no!


Q: How would one summarize the reason for coming here?

A: It has been confirmed in the messages. This is a “Mountain of Mercy”. Give thanks and pray for God’s mercy and blessings. If you are open He will do the rest.


Q. Are all faiths welcome?

A. Yes. 

Q. Do you have a Website?

A. Yes. (

Q. What's in the future concerning the shrine?

A. Our Lady has confirmed; it will carry on for generations.

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