Praise the Lord! Nothing stays the same once they truly commit ourselves to the Will of the Father. We slowly began to learn through peace, prayer, penance, fasting, reconciliation, sacrifice and most importantly the love, the true beauty of life has remained hidden behind the doors of our own selfishness, envy and jealousy. These worldly traps which have delayed our conversion.

As our dear mother often reminds us, we seek the security of having one foot firmly planted in the spiritual life and unfortunately the other foot undecided. Fortunately for us, my brothers and sisters in Christ, He is our "life line". We need to hang on to Him alone and none else. It's time to jump with both feet or better, it's time to commit. It's a leap of faith firmly tied trusting in the mercy of Jesus. When the first messages began arriving in early June 1997, were simple. Nothing that we were blown away or worry about what we were told. They were very simple and in a way, and children. And that was ideal for me at that time.

I need simple words because I'm just a simple creature of God. I require much prayer and discernment and an abundance of spiritual direction to help me stay focused on what really is the Will of God in my life. We have been blessed with many fine priests who have listened patiently and observed what happens here at Our Lady of the Sierras. His insight has proved invaluable in these times.

The messages we have been receiving in recent years have taken a slightly different direction and on many occasions been allowed to accompany us to our Blessed Mother and sometimes our Lord "visually" and see what we are expressing in words. Perhaps it is fitting that we are telling a story that embodies so much that we are actually smelling the flowers, listening to the birds (which can be heard on the recorder) and feel the grass under our feet when they walk with listening and learning while instructing us how to live a life closer to Christ. There is much peace that surrounds us each to be allowed to come into His presence.


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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.