2023 Lenten Retreat

Saturday, April 1st 9am at La Purisima Retreat Center.

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Annual Rosary and Mass December 16, 2022

Homily – Christmas/Rosary Mass at La Purisima Retreat Center

21 December 2018

Good evening, Sisters and Brothers!

Again, we welcome you to this beautiful celebration of our Lady.

You came expecting to hear a Message from our Lady.

We can share part of the Message with you, which was copied down as it was given.

The Fathers who were also present, who perhaps heard more of the Message than I did, will also share with you.

It was recorded and the full Message will be printed in the next week or so.

Before I share that, I want to say that you all came here expecting something from Mary.

Is that correct? Well, she came tonight expecting something from us!


This is part of the Message received tonight.

“My Dear Children,

I invite you this night to more fully walk your path of conversion, especially because of these difficult times.

This night you walk the path of kindness.  You must walk your path of conversion and peace.

I feel the light and the joy that radiates from you, My little ones.

Walk and talk and show Christ; let them see that Christ lives in your heart!

Let others feel and see the light of that radiant Love radiating from you!

Let them see, in your actions, more Christ-Light in your life!

Bring comfort, by your example, to those we have lost and are losing. 

Suffer and sacrifice for the greater good of these others.

There are so many that need your comfort.

(The Message then continued with a word about Priests)

Pray for My sons who have fallen away, that they search for the goodness of God and turn from all that keeps them from Him.

Pray for My sons, suffering persecutions. They are My beloved.

Comfort them; encourage them. I cover them with My mantle.

So many labor in so many places. Pray for them, love them, encourage them.

Pray for hearts to be filled with My love.


This night is so difficult for so many. Many are disillusioned, because they seek quick answers. They do not know how to pray.

Pray for God’s will. Pray to know God’s time, and when He frees you, pray!

Pray, pray for souls most in need. Do not turn away from them, but pray for them.


I held the Babe in My arms. I watched Him grow. I saw Him make the ultimate Sacrifice for each of His children.


Could you not see, do you not feel His wounds – your wounds?

Be willing imitators of Him, without fear.

Time grows very short.

Pray for perseverance. Pray for love. Love unconditionally.  Accept what you cannot heal. Always allow God the first place in your life. Surrendering to His will shall bring peace to this world.”


The Visionary then shared a vision that she was having:

“There is a curtain that seems to be opening and it looks like a mountain peak. Not so very high as some, but there is a line and I want to say people, perhaps that’s not the right term.  Each one is climbing, it looks like a path, that’s more like a ladder. All different races, all different languages.

They are climbing, and their clothes are tattered and worn. As they get higher and higher on this ladder, they disappear. They fade, into what looks like perhaps a cloud, but as they do, they have garments so bright! I can’t tell if they are white or various shades. But they are happy, because they are singing!

I know the melody, the tune and it’s the Song of Divine Love, that they are singing in their language. And they are climbing, perhaps the mountain that each of us will climb. I don’t know, but I believe, and it gives me hope. May it give others hope! For God loves us so much; He loves us so much!

And I see our Lady, who is still here with us, and it’s her veil, Her mantle, is so large and covers everyone, everyone here! You can see stars; you can see stars through Her mantle!”


(The Message then concluded)

“Seek refuge in Our Hearts, In My Immaculate Heart!

Look how much room there is, My children.

I have room for all!

Let us go to JESUS!”


Again, let me say to you, we all came expecting something from our Mother.

We hope that she would answer our prayers.

She came tonight, expecting that we would answer Her prayers!

To do as she has asked of us!


Following Holy Communion, these additional words were shared – an ‘addendum’ to the Homily:


Consider, again, that our Lady came expecting us to answer her prayers, her urgent requests, which we heard in the Message:

Pray, sacrifice, love unconditionally, put God first in your life, comfort others, let Christ radiate from your heart, pray for Priests. . .

As we honor, in a special way this evening, our Lady of Guadalupe, think that she came and asked of Juan Diego that he do certain things at her bidding.

He hesitated, saying that he was ‘too little’, ‘too insignificant’. He said that no one would listen to him and that she should find someone more important, more impressive, to do what she asked.

She assured him that she had asked him to do this for her, and he obeyed. He did exactly what she told him to do, and miracles began to flow!

Not just the ‘continuing miracle’ of the Tilma, but the conversion of millions of Native Peoples, and the formation of a new Nation on earth: Mexico!

If we will simply do what our Lady has requested us to do this evening, there will be a similar flood of miracles!


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