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2023 Lenten Retreat

Saturday, April 1st 9am at La Purisima Retreat Center.

For more information please download the flyer.


Annual Rosary and Mass December 16, 2022

Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine

Christmas Visit & Mass – December 22nd, 2017


Those who have been present for the Annual Christmas Mass know that the evening begins early - with the opportunity for Confession for those who desire the Sacrament. A number of Priests are present to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation – in English and Spanish. This year was no exception. What was remarkable was the very, very large number of those seeking Reconciliation. The Priests/Confessors present all remarked on this unusual outpouring of grace, the number of Confessions, and the beauty of the souls seeking to be reconciled. Many of them received the Sacrament for the first time in many years. The Spirit of peace and reconciliation was powerfully present throughout the whole evening.

 At approximately 8:15 PM, during the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, the Visionary went into the spirit. She attempted to kneel, but was unable to remain kneeling.

The Message came in a voice, which was both strong and incredibly tender, and communicated to those present, an incredible gentleness and tenderness – “comforting”.

“My dear children,

I come to comfort you with the warmth of a mother’s heart. So many times, your hearts are filled with anxiety…fear of the unknown, but I tell you, My children, I am always with you.  My children who love Me, hear My words and pray, as you have always done. I ask that you intensify your prayers…for your world is in such disarray.

You say you are sick, tired and weary…so many anxieties and pressures upon you. I tell you, My children, these are but trials that turn to treasures. God wastes nothing. When you allow your faith in God to grow and put your trust in Him, you begin to understand a greater depth of love.  Look about you, little ones. What do you see? You see fellow pilgrims, all here to reach out for something. Some know what they are seeking … others just seek. You can be a light that shines so brightly. You will help brighten the path that leads them to God. Do these things as I have called you tonight.

I desire to comfort My children. Many, yes many, of My children fear the passing from this world into the next. Tonight ... I wish to show you an example that you may keep in your heart … for each of you will have the time to experience this love of God.”

(Visionary) I am so poor in doing this, Mother….  It is a family all gathered around the bed with their rosaries. All this praying …. tears for someone. I can’t see, Mother, with so many people. This must be a big family. It seems as though .. somehow a way was made clear and I could see. It looks like a young child, a boy, and he is laying on his side. And there is a beautiful Lady beside him. You can see right through Her and She embraces this child. (Pause, as the Visionary seemed overwhelmed with emotion)  I don’t know why they can’t see Her. They are all crying and …. Mother, why are they afraid. Why?   

You see Me, but what you see … they cannot see….as yet. But soon more will be able to see with the gifts God has given them. Their faith shall grow and intensify and they shall relate to others in strengthening their faith. God never leaves you. He is always with you. We love you, Our children. Be not afraid…look, is this little one. Afraid? ……No, no! He hears the music. Do you remember the song I whispered in your ear years ago?”    (Visionary) The song of divine love.  “This child is about to witness what lies beyond his grieving friends and parents, as I take him, and together - we go to Jesus.”                                 

 (Visionary) The boy glances once more….so peacefully.

I don’t see anything more but sorrow. But, yet I know they will understand when God says He will never leave us. He is truth. He will never leave us.

What do we fear in this world when there is so much good on our side? There is nothing to fear. Take each day as it comes and it will come, as Mother says, with many unknown and unwanted things in our lives. She tells us to be strong and to trust and so shall we be….strong and trust!

 Oh, Mother, I love you so…help all of these children to understand God’s love…such an intense love….such beauty…..away from all of this, but still in all the little things we see. Thank you, Mother.

 “My children, let it penetrate, not only your minds but more deeply your hearts, so they will no longer be cold hearts of stone, but soft and filled with God’s love….allow your Mother to help you. Pray, pray and believe and you will find that peace and joy that God has for you. I bless you this night as I keep you close to My heart still warm and so full of love.”

 (Fr. G) Following the Message, the praying of the Litany resumed, and preparations for Mass began.  During the whole evening, the Spirit of peace and reconciliation was experienced by many of those present. During the Mass and following the Mass, there were many evidences of that Spirit, as people embraced, estranged couples held each other with tenderness, families embraced and communicated their desire for reconciliation and peace in their families.  Following the Mass, people sought out each other to ask for and receive forgiveness and reconciliation.

 Over the years, there have been many extraordinary ‘signs’ - that have been witnessed by many of those participating in the evening. In the judgment of the Priests present, nothing more ‘miraculous’ could have occurred than this outpouring of the grace of reconciliation,  both through the Sacrament and personal expressions of the desire for reconciliation and peace, experienced this evening.


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