Message of May 13th 2011
Our Lady speaks

While “in the spirit” the following message was received by Pat after the Friday night bi-lingual Rosary service at Mary’s Knoll.

(Preceded by extensive tongues) Thy will … not mine….

 “My Dear Children,

I have not forgotten you …. but on the contrary … I have embraced each of you this very night … for the message I have for you must be discerned in each heart.  Each of you if you so commit yourselves …. will be poured out … as a *libation upon the sacrificial altar for souls.

Think of these words and their meaning … as you observe a world so in need of dedicated children … those who love My Son beyond all else … and those who willingly out of such love … seek the lost and guide them gently … ever so gently to My Son.
Ask Me My children … when you need a mothers care and I shall assist you in this your mission. Think not that you are unable to perform such tasks …. such tasks of great love and sacrifice … but think only of what I said of greatness… of such beauty … because My children … it is pure … it is holy … it is divine. Will you accept this My request to join with Me … in these final times?

As a Mother, I embrace you with a mother’s heart … as the tears fall from My eyes.
Peace My children.”

*("Libation - a form of liquid offering, like the libations of olive oil or wine which were poured on the altar of sacrifices in the Temple. St. Paul speaks of his life as being 'poured out like a libation' (2 Timothy 4:6) as a sign of his total self-offering to God.")

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