Message of February 11th, 2011

Our Lady Speaks

While “in the spirit” the following audible message was received by Pat and clearly recorded at the conclusion of the Friday night rosary at Mary’s Knoll. She also spoke in personal tongues preceding the message. It is to be noted, that again the tone of Our Lady’s voice and the subject of this message seemed to recognize the difficulty of our living in peace in these current times of stress and turmoil.

“My Dear Children,

I desire that you understand … in order to go closer to My Son … you must abandon yourselves to the ties of this world … and with a joyful heart … surrender to His pure and perfect love.

Do you think We do not understand … all the pains and sufferings … that have spread throughout your world? My children … there shall always be pain and suffering … but it is your way … your path to the cross. No one comes …except via way of the cross. Embrace the cross and you will find serenity in your lives … for you will be detached from the things of the earth … and seek nothing … except that which is from above.

A kingdom awaits My Children … for those who remain faithful … and endure to the end.

I bless you this night … and a special blessing for *my son … who is here tonight. I will be his strength … as he journeys closer to My Son.

* Note the term “my son” here in the messages references a person present at tonight’s rosary. The term “My Son” in caps obviously references Our Lord Jesus Christ.







Rev 2

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