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Annual Rosary and Mass December 16, 2022

Message of November 5th, 2010
Our Lady Speaks

The following audible recorded message was received by “the Messenger” after the Friday night rosary at Mary’s Knoll. We were blessed with three Deacons in attendance who gave “The Special Cross Blessing” to all those in need.

“Take My hand and allow me to draw you close to the heart of My Son. Will you forfeit the trials and tribulations that you need to learn … to find true peace …. a peace so absent in this world? Will you seek the answers within yourselves to these the questions of a Mother who loves you?

What burdens do you carry? Are they too heavy? Allow My Son a place in your lives … where your burdens will no longer be more than you can bear … for you will find His peace and His strength in all that you do.

Oh dear children … the things I wish to tell you … but your hearts must be ready … they must become one … one with My Son … one in pure and holy love.
Seek that love, that purity, that truth … then you shall find the answers to many questions. You shall truly find the joy that awaits all those who seek to serve … to find truth.  

You say that you love My Son! And what of your brothers and sisters … do you love them as well? How can you not love what God has created … can you not see his hand in all His creations? There is love hidden in the depths of each heart. It is up to you to ask for the grace that God wishes to give you … to see the love in each of your brothers and sisters.    

Time quickly passes …search diligently my children”.

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine