My dear children,


I am here because My Son has sent me to comfort and encourage His children during this time of great distress and turmoil in your world. I come as a loving Mother to bring joy into the hearts of My children. As We look into the hearts and eyes of Our children, we see pain and despair. My presence here is to rekindle the light and love of your hearts so that this light will reflect from your eyes as well as the “eyes of your hearts”.


Pray with great intensity! Pray for the gift to forgive…..a grace awaiting only your heart felt desire to receive. Pray especially for Priests. They are becoming discouraged and are greatly in need of your prayers. Forgive….for they are also Our children……fragile sons whom the world also tempts.


My Son will part the clouds and allow graces to refresh the parched souls who still believe. I have so few in the Field of Battle!



*No quotation marks were used as the message was unexpected and Our Lady’s message was retrieved from hand written notes from which a few words were understandably omitted. After careful discernment, it is believed that the context of the message is intact.
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