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 December 23rd, 2005

 The following messages were audio recorded as received thru the recipient at the Friday night Rosary at Mary’s Knoll. As confirmed on the Message of December 24th, 2004 Our Lady expressed she would come and bless items placed in Mary’s Knoll on the Friday before Christmas. The second message was given in “unique” manner, as it was then un-recorded and given directly to the group thru the recipient for all to hear “live”.   7:35 pm. [Recipient - tongues] “She said to remember to tell them about the flickers of light as many angels will be here this night, but they are not to be distracted, only to be comforted, to know that so many [angels] are here with them receiving Our Lady”. 8:45 pm. [Our Lady speaks directly to the group, that is, it was not a re-played earlier recording] 

“It is a heart filled with gratitude when I look amongst you and see so many with pain and in anticipation of my visitation. There are many who came who say” “I do not see her, I do not see anything ….but a statue ……but a mural on the wall”……“but I tell you that faith fills the void where you are unable to see. With human eyes you must trust the eyes of your heart. For the eyes of your heart reveal many mysteries. My womb is filled with great expectation for the coming of the Savior of the World.

 My joy is inexpressible in human terms. But I tell you my children, Emmanuel comes. The Savior comes and He is filled with such joy to come to His children who accept him ….who believe in Him and who love and serve Him. Dear little ones … expect such great miracles and yet the greatest miracle goes un-noticed. As you shop …as you prepare for a great festive occasion ….the greatest miracle, un-noticed …..un-wanted awaits that special moment in each heart and at last the spirit fills them and they cry out”…..“Emmanuel ……My Lord and My Savior.”  “I ask each of you now as I bless each heart ….to place your hand upon your heart and if you can feel such the joy of each instant beat ……the warmth of the Mother of God …… you will know how much He loves you. It is a brief moment and yet such power …..such love. I ask the parents and those who have small children to place their hands on the heart of their little ones ……that they too may experience the love of God. A brief flicker of love that will grow and grow as they grow. I bless you …..each of you this night as I bless each and every gift that has been presented to me for my special blessing. Know that there is a three-fold blessing. I bless first the gifts as you have brought them. Secondly, I bless the recipients of the gifts and thirdly, I bless those that are the givers of the gifts. Our Lord loves a cheerful giver.  So this evening let you hearts be filled with joy and with peace. For you have the blessing of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit …..and the blessing of your Mother within. I take my leave but shall return as I am called. Bless you my children …… I wave good-bye to you tonight.”
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine