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May 7th, 2004

(Note) The recorded message was extremely touching as Our Lady confirms the upcoming conclusion of our seven years of continuous messages soon to be published.

“My dear children,

You who have been so faithful to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to My Immaculate Heart. I receive you with great joy. And the message I have for you tonight, I wish you to understand with a heart that has been touched by God and not by human hands ...... a heart that has been prepared for many years to do the will of God. It is now time My children .... yes time has at last come when I will take my leave from you. I will remain with you in spirit only. I will reveal to you in times of great need what My Lord and God wish you to know. Many times I have expressed to you, this fine gold thread which binds all hearts to ours. It has not been cut away .... it has been made stronger is now the strongest rope that nothing will ever cut away. You belong to us and now you must do as you have been taught. You have been asked thru these last few messages to prepare yourself for another step in this journey. You began as toddlers, barely able to stand. And now My children you are ready to go out into this world proclaim the word of God with your love ...with your gentle hearts and with the peace that only The Body of Christ can give you? Do you understand?”

“The you refer to the Eucharist?”

“Yes, My daughter. It is in frequent confession .....frequent reception of the Body and Blood of my Son that you will be strengthened and encouraged to do the task that is ahead. And this you shall do, for we will always be with you. For as we said, your lips have been touched, your hearts are ready and the ears of those who need to hear ... will hear. This is not a time of sorrow but it is a time of great joy. Think of your children when they go through school and come to this great moment of their life called” “graduation”. This is your “graduation” to the next step of this journey.

I will come from time to time but not as frequently as I have before.” (Our Lady indicates this above when She relates to Her revealing information to us in times of great need.) “There is no need my children, for you hear our voices within your hearts. You know all that we have given you through these years in the messages. Refresh your mind, your heart and your soul once again. Re-read and prepare yourself for there is such a greatness ahead when you see the conversion of so many souls that come to God. What glory awaits them and how glorious the reception in Heaven. All the angels and saints pray and receive these great gifts (souls) with such gratitude to God. And look at you, oh little ones, the part that you shall play in restoring a life .....restoring a soul back to God.

There is no sorrow. For there is but a smile upon your lips as you see the fruits of your labor coming together when this life has become a story. And at what point (of the story) are you in my children? You have begun to walk and now to speak and speak boldly, gently, lovingly and convincingly of the Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Be strong for we will always be here. You need never fear. I have repeated these words and repeat them again.” “ I will never fear for God is always with you.” “ Go now, my beloved and do as you have been instructed.”

(2nd message) “These words are only for my daughter.” ( A private message followed concerning an upcoming event. For all practical purposes, the recipient believes the upcoming event to be a form of closure after seven years of messages.)(3rd message) – This audio message is from *St. Gemma – She had appeared before to the recipient but had never spoken.

“My little sister,

I shall be with you and teach you as the Lord has taught me .... to offer such suffering for all the souls who will be lost unless you willingly offer your suffering for them. You have been prepared but in a much less degree than you

will see in the future. I will be with you and I will teach you. Speak to me when you are troubled and always speak to your Spiritual Director that he will know that I have finally come as it was foretold to him. I am your Gemma”

*St Gemma Galgani is a Italian Saint 1878 - 1903 who was canonized in 1940. The book [The life of St. Gemma Galgani] was republished by Tan Books in the year 2000. ISBN 0-89555-669-3(This visual of Mary then came to the recipient) “ I see a Lady of Lights dressed in white – a gold sash about her waist – radiant and joyful because her children will come. They will believe. They will be healed in body and in soul. There are so many angels on that mountain – legions of angels constantly protecting their children. Oh what great joy – how we have been so blessed – so much to do – so much to do!”
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