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2023 Lenten Retreat

Saturday, April 1st 9am at La Purisima Retreat Center.

For more information please download the flyer.


Annual Rosary and Mass December 16, 2022

June 1st, 2004

In the unpublished portion of the message given on May 7th 2004 Our Lady previously confirmed she would give a final message at 7pm on the 7thanniversary and in the same place as the original first message. This location is at the original small shrine above and behind the large cross. At 6pm Our Lady, two priests, two deacons and our close group gathered for a beautiful mass in the small chapel. Then at the conclusion of the mass we all journeyed up the holy hill while praying the Rosary to await her message. In view of all, the recipient went into ecstasy and Our Lady clearly spoke the following recorded message.(Recipient) “Oh Maria ....sweet mother heart is in pieces. Oh most sweet Jesus... through the power of your most precious blood ......cover each and every one of us that only your words and your words alone shall be spoken.”

“My dear children,

Praise be Jesus who has allowed me to be with you these seven years. My heart is filled with joy. Yet as a mother there is a little sorrow as I take my leave from you. Remember as I first came and most importantly, I always asked that you pray with your hearts. When you pray with your heart you grow closer to sanctity and


Your world is in a state of turmoil ............ a state so degrading my children, that
only the most sincere prayers ....those prayers from the heart will withhold the hand of my son. He loves you my children as I love you and as I have come to teach you the way to follow in His steps. Do you recall the many times I have told

you to stay focused on My Son? And when you stay focused on Him you are not distracted by the ways of the world.

I call you to a passage of the ancient prophet Jeremiah. A passage in which he speaks of false prophets. It is a time My children as so many claim to hear my  voice that you discern greatly ....that you have direction in your life ... to know the sound of my voice as it penetrates your heart and releases peace. For only peace comes from God and so many have been drawn away. Drawn from His love into a world which loves only comfort and satisfaction. No greater satisfaction comes than through the love of God and knowing His will. His commandments are simple my children ....simple guidelines through life that each of you are called to contemplate and to follow.

Remember His words. His words He spoke of love for each of his children. As He hung upon the cross did you not see the love that remained in His eyes? Though His body was torn and tortured there was nothing but love and compassion
within His heart .....which reflected into His eyes as He gazed about the world .... not only then ....but through the centuries to come.

I call you as I have always called you to be children of peace. But to use great discernment in these times. For my love for you is so great and yet I cry for the many children who will not hear my words                 who will not practice what I
have taught. And after all these years I have called you ..... practice what you

have been taught. Pray .... Fast .... do penance ..... .make sacrifices in your lives

and be reconciled to God and to your neighbors.. For the greatest of all things I callyou to ..........  is to love. It is easy to love the child ..... to love the spouse. But can
you love the one who has wronged you and caused you great pain? When you can do these things ..... you have progressed my children .... to be true children of God. Love above all must prevail.

Do not forget what I have shared with you .....the moments ....the visions I allowed you to see           and the hope that has been planted into each heart.
Listen well ...receive the graces that God wishes you to receive.”

(Recipient – Tongues) “ Our Blessed Mother holds a glass ... a crystal glass. Not a chalice, but a glass in one hand and in the other it looks like an umbrella. She’s asking (me) to look at the glass. It’s half full mother’s half full. It looks like water but it glistening. It’s so beautiful and the glass itself I can’t describe, for the colors are like rays of lights .........but I don’t understand the umbrella.” 

“My dear child,


God pours forth multitudes of graces upon each of His children. The glass symbolizes those graces that have been received. The umbrella symbolizes those who have rejected the graces that God has sent and therefore have protected themselves .....protected themselves from God ........poor souls. How many times has there been a slight mist .... a refreshment in the air sent by God? You can smell the aroma can feel the moisture on your cheeks and yet you run .... to cover yourself .... to place an umbrella above your head that you will not be dampened. It is similar My children .....allow the graces of God to fill your lives. Do not hide from Him .... do not reject Him. For the glass which you see say is half full. To many say it is half empty ...because they did not allow the graces to enter their lives. I bless you my dear faithful children ....sent into this world to be ambassadors of love and mercy. I will always be your loving interceding Mother and I will always draw you closely to My Son. But tonight .... a special blessing for you  .....for your loved ones. For you believe and you come. Hear your name as My Son calls you.


Blessed be my children.”

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine