January 30th, 2004

( On this particular day prior to the Rosary we had two specific requests for prayer from distressed mothers who were in sorrow because of problems with their grown children. As one reads or hears this message we cannot help feel it will give peace to many. Please pray and discern it’s meaning for you.)(Recipient) “Sweet Mother; I seem to come to you with so many questions lately and you ever so patiently reply to them. Mother, so many have asked for their children ...... for their sorrows and sufferings. How Mother shall I answer them”?

“My dear child,

You shall say to each of these parents whose children are in various forms of difficulties, whether it be health, financial  ...but more importantly ...that they are away from God. You shall tell them that the sufferings that they bear for their children are a source of purification for the parent .....the parent that continuously prays for their children. Each has a free will, which God will never deny. How that will is used is up to each individual person. You cannot change their lives ... but through prayer you may strongly influence them that they may see the love of Christ emanating all around them.

Do you not think that Our Heavenly Father does not feel the sorrow of your hearts when He sees His children? Yes, His struggling to maintain a sense out of life ...and you as parents .....your sense of suffering has a purpose. For through the prayers that I have asked for and continually asked for .....many souls will be saved. Do you think I have excluded your children? For all belong to God. They are but on loan to you. To care for .... to pray for .... to introduce them to Our Lord.

 This is the most difficult time for the youth of the world who are distracted and pulled in so many directions that there is little time left in their lives for God. You must reverse this process, for God shall come first. Then only through your prayers ....your persistent prayers ....will this come to be.Listen well ........... as I am the Mother who knows the pain inflicted upon Her Child.

And yet .......... .the joy that God has placed in My heart. For My Son lives and
awaits for all of these other children that He has given to Me. He has placed them in my care. I ask for your prayer. Prayer is not just a word ... prayer is the most powerful of weapons. Believe and trust and see the Mighty Hand of God as He works miracles in your lives.”

(Recipient-Visual) Extensive private intercession occurs for two particular souls that have been called this night. One wears a very old cross received by a grandmother. It was perceived this grandmother has continuously prayed for the grandchild as she, the grandmother is praying from heaven.
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