January 23rd, 2004

( Among those in attendance were a Hispanic group of 50 including their supporting priest. During the Rosary and before the audio message was later played one young lady from a local youth group confirmed she visually saw butterflies. Spiritual gifts for others were also confirmed. The visual text by the recipient that follows suggests what took place. The evening concluded by a blessing from the priest and then “laying of hands” by the prayer team.)(Visual by recipient) “Sweet Mother ... what is it that you hold in your hand? It is so bright ......very unusual. I have never seen this before! Light illuminates the path wherever you go. The room has become darkened and I see a lady of lights. In Her right hand She carries a golden lantern and she passes from one person to the next ..... pausing ...... lovingly glancing as though actually examining the heart of that particular person. She smiles as She passes from one to the next. There are some who appear to require more prayer. Then I see a look of sorrow and She stays with that person a little longer and until at last She smiles. Just a simple smile and goes on until She has touched each and every one that is amongst us. Mother I don’t understand the meaning but I know and I trust you will explain.”

“My child,

This symbolizes the lantern in which I looked into the heart ..... seeking the just and loving soul committed to My Son. Where I have paused I have prayed much for that particular soul. For I see that they are unwilling to accept Christ’s strength in place of their weakness. Pray for these children for it is so difficult for them to accept a world in which you are called for much penance and sacrifice. Yes the strings of the world hold tightly to you .................................. but what is in my other hand my

 “A scissors? Mother I think they’re scissors ...... and you snip away at the strings which holds these precious souls so closely to the world. They are scissors in a sense they are love. Sweet mother, how you love your children. How you come to protect us and to guide us that we may free ourselves from the ways of the world. But only through our faith and our trust in your Son. Yes, is this correct mother?”

“My daughter,

You have learned to read many hearts. I place the scissors of love within your hand that you too may be an instrument of God’s Mercy to love with such
intensity that no longer will the world bind our children.”

(Recipient) “There are a lot of lights now mother. Mother they look like butterflies but they are so brilliant and they’re landing on each of your precious children. A special blessing this night for those whose hearts truly belong to Jesus. Help us sweet mother to increase our faith, our trust in the mercy and love of your Son. We praise His Holy Name. He is Our Lord and Our God. I feel something touching my face. It’s so beautiful. No longer is the room dark. It is aglow with love ... a love which has surrendered to Jesus ...... so beautiful ......”
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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.