January 16th , 2004

(Recipient) “Our hearts are yours.”(Visual) “It appears as though it’s early afternoon but the sun is high in the sky. But it moves from place to place ... dancing ...... pulsating and Our Lady is there and She holds ...... or what is held for Her is a basket. But it’s more like one I cannot describe. It is so beautiful and it is filled with every imaginable flower. But each one is so fragrant. The whole area is inundated by this beautiful aroma. There are many people who see this. Our Lady takes Her precious hands and reaches into this golden light woven basket and gently tosses into the air the petals from these flowers. All the people are so in awe to see the dancing sun ..... to see the petals fall to the earth. They are so eager to capture their treasure. Oh Mother ... please tell me what it is you wish to say.”

“My dear child,

The dancing of the sun is a gift from my Son. The petals from this basket represent the sweet graces that each of you have received and have treasured because you have recognized the significance of God’s signs and wonders. All these things of which we have spoken during these many years have brought comfort and consolation to you our precious children. It is now time for you to recognize the world in which you live is on the brink of a great abyss.

Without your prayers ........ without your constant intercession for others .....
without your willingness to suffer for souls in need, so many will miss the great opportunity that God has planned for them.

Yes, you are workers in the field of my Son .....the field of souls. And each of you ... as each one is unique and possess a special gift. Each is important my child. For together you form the Body of Our Lord. Seek to do your part. Accept what God has given you with a grateful heart and be strong my children. Hold your weapons tightly within your hands. Let your fingers fall upon each bead of the rosary. Each prayer echoes in my heart .... for I my children am not deaf. I hear the prayers .... the multitude of prayers that are said .....especially those that are prayed for the healing and conversion of others.

God has poured forth this great time of mercy .... a time of un-fathomable grace to cover His children who are willing to accept this great gift. It is time now to be bold ... to be bold in love .....and charity and self denial. For these things you shall present to God. Above all love ..... love for God and love for the souls of whom you have prayed.

I bless you this night and cover you with my mantle for protection.

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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.