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2023 Lenten Retreat

Saturday, April 1st 9am at La Purisima Retreat Center.

For more information please download the flyer.


Annual Rosary and Mass December 16, 2022

September 5th, 2003 (First message)

 “My Dear Children,

It is in the joyful solitude of silence where one finds such great opportunities to serve God. Words which would fall from the mouths untamed and unrestrained  become venomous weapons free to roam and spread destruction wherever they may go. Well chosen words of comfort and love produce an opposite effect …….. a healing remedy to be absorbed and discerned. The festering wounds of a careless tongue are helpless against the balm of “Love” which whispers only love and forgiveness. It is the breath of new life in the grace of God which allows all hearts to be opened …… so that a truly loving heart barely even notices when someone does it wrong. You feel only a twinge of grace filled enlightenment to say to Me”……….. (conversation stopped, recipient expresses)“Your child is in need of your direction.”

“When you relinquish that human desire to rush in and take control and place everything in Our hands you have progressed still further in your goal of holiness. It is a lifetime process, My children, but Love …….God’s Love will conquer every circumstance in which you may find yourself. Detach yourself from the things of this world … so that by His grace you will see that which draws you closer to His most merciful heart.”

Second Message of  September 5th, 2003

(Guardian Angel Samuel speaks at Mary’s Knoll)   This second unexpected message is from Samuel, the recipients guardian angel. This message is especially published for all those who have witnessed or experienced abuse of all kinds.

(Recipient)  “I test the Spirit……in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If it not be of Jesus it must be gone by the power of The Name of Jesus.  It is unfinished?……Yes I remember……but it has been quite awhile. It pleases me my Samuel, that you should come to me this night.”

“My little charge,

I am here at the bidding of the Queen of all Angels …..the Queen of Heaven and Earth who has sent me to speak with you.  During these last few weeks and the trials that you have endured …..during these times  you have not sought my direction my consolation and my guidance. But yes little one, you have prayed …. and that is of  most importance. For these troubles and trials are of great consequence and must be dealt with in a  most heavenly manner. First, you must open your heart and  allow God to work through you. To heal not only the wounds that have been inflicted in your heart ….but the wounds of those who are so young that now approach thee for comforting. It is God’s will that you lean on me for assistance  ……that you do not become anxious and overly concerned. But allow me to guide you ….through prayer ……. to  receive the consolation that God has for you and for all children like you who experience these difficulties in life.

It has been my joy and also my sorrow  to see the struggles which you have endured. The joy to see you struggle and so valiantly become the winner …..and my sorrow to see you suffer defeat. But My child, that does not lessen the love and the comfort that I shall continue to bring you. For little charge you may be …. no matter what your size or what your stature … are my little charge entrusted to me and I shall guard and protect you.

If these precious children could only see the angels that stand beside them they would live in less anxiety and fear and stress in their lives. They would talk freely and abundantly and resolve many, many of life’s problems. For God has not left you orphans ….. He has left you with your guardian angels and with the Holy Spirit which is to be the light which guards your life.


What did the Blessed Mother say this night? Did She not say there would be an out pouring of the Holy Spirit? For He shall come and He shall immerse each of His children into a bath of revival … a bath of renewal. A bath that shall re-freshen the soul of not only yourself but of all those who come your way.  Do I speak too quickly …. do I speak too harshly? Then  I beg your forgiveness little child …. . for there is only love that comes from my heart that must flow to yours. But listen you must ……when you hear the voice of God ….when you hear the whisper of His love …. do not turn but rejoice. And with great trust expound on His words that others may know and be filled with the Spirit …… as He pours it forth and in abundance. For this a time of great glory …… of great revival . Rejoice oh little charge and all the children who shall hear these words .….rejoice ……for the Lord Your God is in control. He is in control of all things and all people. What is there to fear when God is in control? Rest now my weakened and tired charge …..for you were not expecting me this night …..but my words are most important.”

 (Extensive tongues by recipient and Samuel. It was apparent that this was a private conversation) 


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