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October 24th, 2003

(The following messages were received during the Friday night Canyon Rosary. This was another evening of unexpected multiple responses. On the original audio recordings as each being orates, one hears each distinctive voice including what is to be presumed is one from an aborted child spoken with a child’s voice.) 

(Extensive Tongues) “I Michael, guardian of the Queen of Heaven and Earth greet thee this night. I escort Her with legions of angels. Listen to Her with great reverence … .with much faith. For Her words will penetrate your heart …..will heal the wounds that so many suffer. Listen ….do not be distracted,  for there are those who wish to distract. But My Angels stand ready. They stand amongst you … protect you ….to guard you that you may hear Her words and feel the gentleness of Her heart.”

“My Precious Children,

I invite you this night to praise Almighty God by loving Him with all your heart …. your mind ….. your  body … your soul and your strength. Love Him  with your mind that your thoughts will be His thoughts. Love Him with your body that it would do His work. Love him with your heart that it will love others. Love him  with your soul. For it belongs to God and longs to be with Him. And love Him with your strength. All your strength My Children for this is required of thee. There is no middle ground. You either love God and serve Him or follow the other path which leads only to destruction.

How precious you are little ones with so many problems. Yet so faithful ….. so loving ….so generous and so kind that you do reach out to love and serve others. And this is  what God asks of you. To love others … serve them ….to be with them to comfort them. For they like you need the comfort that comes from one another. And from where does such comfort come? Only through the love of Jesus as He takes each heart melting and molding it ……preparing it for each situation.

My children, how blessed you are and yet there are those who do not understand ……who cannot conceive that God can send His Mother to this earth ….. to various places throughout the world …. to say I  love you. I am here ! I comfort you. God is real! He awaits you with His arms spread …His heart open. A little knock! Do you hear the little knock as He knocks on the door of your heart? Open your hearts precious Children of God that you may receive every grace He has for you. That you may truly be His Precious Children. Walk with Him ….talk with Him. Pray that you will become stronger in life’s long journey with Him …that you will learn the things He wishes you to know and how to use them. For you are His Children ….He is your teacher and has so many gifts for each of you …. if you but open your hearts and welcome Him.

You are to pray for the children. For the children are being misled …… and there are so few who find the true love of God at such a early age and cling to that love and hold tightly through this life on earth. A love that shines so brightly and is shared with so many. Pray ..… pray especially for the children.”

(This second message followed. It was heard and recorded in a child’s voice and discerned possibly as from an aborted child. Due to the unusual nature of the subject, recipient’s spiritual advisor further discerned and has permitted publication. ) ( This actual audio may be available on Our Lady’s website.)

“I am but a little child of God, sent home early because my parents did not want me. But I am safe and I am so filled with joy. I missed my chance to offer my talents whatever they may have been. But my great joy is being with My Lord, with My Father and praying for my family who hurt so deeply for this mistake. But yet, God gives me all these others to pray for. There are so many of us. But please pray that others will still have the chance to make their contribution to your world …. to show God’s Love as we cannot have that chance.” 

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine