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May 23rd, 2003

(In preparing for the Divine Mercy Chaplet as the prayers were mentally being contemplated, Our Lady came. She said nothing at first only observed and then related as to how the messages would take on a new emphasis. I can only express my personal feelings that She was referring to more commentaries not only by this recipient but also by others as the Holy Spirit moves them. As we have been blessed by Their presence for so long, it is time that we as Spirit filled children begin to express what lies within our own hearts. So many people hurt deeply within their souls but seemingly cannot reach the light of Jesus Christ. We must be such instruments that love Him so much that we cannot help but be those tiny beacons around the world that reflect the Love of Christ to others.)

 “My Dear Children,

 Today I extend an invitation to Love … fall in love with Jesus. So many of Our children say they know Jesus, but they have left no room in their heart for Him. He must dwell totally within in order for you to emit His sweet presence to others. He desires not the obstructions of pride and selfishness, but rather to fill the void left in many lives. As He invites you …. so must you, in turn, invite Him. Life then becomes an artistic work in the stages of completion. All comes about in time. It is most unfortunate to see the hourglass of life which sifts through with so much left undone.

Make a difference, My beloved children, for the Spirit thrives in hearts which know only the way to Jesus. Trials and sacrifices …….yes, but such great joy to know and serve the Lord.”

(Our Lady then said to write Her personal words to this recipient given Friday, May 16th. She said during the private conversation. )

“We (Her children) abuse the privilege of being responsible by neglecting our responsibilities.”

(Recipient): This is really a powerful statement that hits most of us right between the eyes. If Christ really reigns in our lives, we have an awesome responsibility to be Christ like in every way. This particularly means when it is most inconvenient or uncomfortable. It is so easy when we feel good, but difficult when the pressures of everyday life fall heavily upon our shoulders. Our crosses (preciously made for each of us) have somehow gotten confused with someone elSenor so we would like to think. But God Who with such tenderness laid them upon our shoulders knows what is best for us. We must always believe with an unalterable trust that He who made us will never give us more than we can bear. We have responsibilities, so let us each meet our responsibilities in the eyes of God. 
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine