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May 2nd, 2003

The following message was received late Friday afternoon in Elburn, Illinois. It was transcribed as dictated as no audio equipment was available at the time.)

“My Child,

To share with others is to expose yourself to the many affections which inflict wounds into your very soul. Thus, you become vulnerable …….. a victim so to speak of skepticism and doubt.  Within such perimeters lies the arena of martyrs for Christ.  How doest thou defend thyself? The answer ….. thou doest not! Christ is thy defender in all truth and wisdom!

 Speak freely ……without hesitation of the great Mercy of God and you will find reassuring confidence in Divine Intervention.  God allows difficult situations in order to perfect His chosen souls.

These words I have spoken many times before. Yet, regrettably, they go unnoticed.  Should I speak in great theological terms, they would confound the wise. Yet, the humble of heart would absorb such wisdom and great would be their reward. You live in a world of confusion and great diversity of belief.  There is only one true and omnipotent God!  Though all powerful, He is full of mercy and compassion.

Come and praise His Holy Name!  Detach …. I repeat …. detach yourself from worldly possessions. For all you possess is God’s. A gift to cultivate for His Kingdom.  Toil the field of souls and great will be your reward in Heaven!”

(Recipient’s commentary) This message appears so simple and straight forward; yet, it is in these particular messages where Our Lady compels us to look beyond the “words” to the “meaning of the words.” To share with others is actually a hunger for souls. The inbred desire in each heart belonging to Christ to evangelize the “Good News of Salvation” and capture that soul with the love of Christ. In so doing, we become vulnerable to criticism and other negative clouds which would attempt to obscure our vision, the focus of following Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, we sometimes struggle in our efforts of conversion. There is, however, great glory in such struggles which, as we cling to Jesus, molds us into the instruments He has chosen each of us to be. Could that be the martyrs of which Our Mother speaks? What joy, Oh Lord, to bear Thy scars of Divine Love.

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine