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Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass
Rosario y Misa de la Temporada Navideña

Friday, December 16, 2022
Viernes, 16 de diciembre del 2021

Location: La Purisima Retreat Center
Locación: El Centro de Retiro La Purísima


For more information download the 2022 Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass

Para obtener más información, descargue el Rosario y la Misa Anual de Navidad 2022

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June 27th, 2003

(Recipient)  “How is it that My Lord should come to me so many times in one day? My Lord, thou know’est my heart can bear only so much for it is filled with love and yet I must do Thy bidding. My Lord. Let Thy words come freely for Your Children listen.”
“My child,

You are correct. My Children do listen. My Children know My voice …..and My Children come to Me. On this day I have gathered many throughout the world and drawn them to My Sacred Heart. Is My Heart not ablaze with love

for all of My Children?”

“Yes My Lord.  For all of Your Children.”

 “And what My Daughter would you as a child believe to be the fuel which fires My Heart?”

“I would say love My Lord. What fuels love is love. Your Heart that burns so much for us. But I don’t understand, My Jesus, how we, …… we help fuel your heart.”

“By love and yes even by failures. There are many of My Chosen Souls who through consciousness see that they are unable to draw souls into perfection. They humble themselves and come before me as dust rolls in the storm ……begging for My Mercy and for forgiveness of their weakness. But I tell you ….when a soul consciously sees its humility …… it’s weaknesses and it’s failures …… it comes to Me and begs for the souls of others. I take that …..that tiny grain of imperfection and draw it close to My Heart where the flame erupts and  thereby purifies the souls.

My Children, you seek a road of holiness with many questions …..many I have answered, many My Mother has answered. There are an abundance that remain unanswered. Do not concern yourselves My beloved ones but only listen closely to the voice of the Shepard who leads His sheep. Who draws them closely to His heart where He may purify and perfect them. You have experienced much this week and yes you have been  weakened. But weakened in a sense that strength has come from such weakness. Strength to trust ….strength to pray …..strength to expect that God hears and answers your prayers.  You are My Children who believe and who trust in My Love and the abundance of My Mercy.”

(Recipient)  “The dark sky reminds me of the mountains. All flickering lights… great distances apart. And now they are all moving together as though they are drawn to form a particular design. It’s a huge, huge red cross surrounded by a heart. Lights flicker……the heart grows brighter and brighter and yet they remain as one. The cross united with the heart. We go to the cross and are embraced by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.”

(Commentary by recipient)  I believe the last portion of Our Lord’s message pertains to the emotional stress caused by the fire up on our mountain which began the Saturday prior to this Friday’s rosary. Although there was considerable damage to the vegetation, there were no personal injuries or damage to any structures. It was as though the Hand of God guided the flames as the firefighters gallantly worked to bring the fire under control. The high winds certainly were directed by a power far greater than human hands. When we prayed, we praised God for being in control and thanked Him knowing all would be in accordance to His Will.
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