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Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass
Rosario y Misa de la Temporada Navideña

Friday, December 16, 2022
Viernes, 16 de diciembre del 2021

Location: La Purisima Retreat Center
Locación: El Centro de Retiro La Purísima


For more information download the 2022 Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass

Para obtener más información, descargue el Rosario y la Misa Anual de Navidad 2022

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June 13th, 2003

 “My Dear Children,

These many times I have spoken with you ……. I have not stood upon the highest peak and with a loud voice called  you.” “ Come to My Son …come back to Him”. “For what comes back is but an echo of My own voice. I have chosen instead to work the fertile fields of each heart where I may whisper and draw each of you closer to My Beloved Son. Many of you have experienced such trials ….. such temptations in life and have found yourselves lost without an answer. And this My Dear Ones is where I come to strengthen you. To tell you ….. you must seek your spiritual direction from someone in authority. For great temptations lie around the corners ….and without such guidance you are often misled … become confused and disillusioned. God does not want that My Children. He wants each of you to be His loving healthy forgiving and giving children who seek more for the best of others than for yourselves.
You have begun the process of emptying your lives of so much clutter that God now has room to rule in your lives. Such joy you will find as God takes control. And you find such peace ..…. for worries, temptations, all the trials that come your way, you have given to Him ….. and He refreshes you with the courage and the wisdom to go forward ….. continuously seeking to nourish the souls of this world with the true love, peace and forgiveness of God Almighty.

Praise be to Jesus, Who’s love is so great. He has blessed you so abundantly and continues as you ask Him to guide each step you take …. each word you speak. Hold tightly My Children and watch carefully over your words for they are such a powerful instrument. Far greater damage is done by the human tongue than by the many weapons of your world. See how great is your responsibility …. see how much We love you and place such confidence in your continued grace to walk the path Christ has set before you.

Be at peace My Children. Seek forgiveness ….. seek a heart that knows nothing but love and you will become that instrument of pure love. I bless you this special night and especially those who could not be here. Know that My blessing and joy rests upon them as they will have the courage and the strength given by Almighty God to do His will … to be obedient servants. *For they have been chosen, they have been marked by My Son.” 

(Commentary; *We feel Our Lady was especially referring to the Deaconate candidates who were to be ordained the next day in Tucson by Bishop Gerald.)
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