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August  22nd, 2003


(Tongues) Our Lady then extensively spoke. Only the following highlights were recorded from notes.

“My Children,

In time of selflessness think of Charity towards others.

So many of our children say we will pick up our cross and follow You [meaning Jesus] . Yet when they pick up their cross …..they carry it only for a short while. My children you must learn to love and embrace the cross. Joy and sorrow are melted together in a large pot continually stirred by the hand of Divine love.  Rejoice for there are chosen souls among you.”

(Recipient)  The pot of which Our Lady speaks is a form of purification. This (the Hand of Divine Love) stirs them with His love and through this loving purification allows the soul to see how much it is loved. We are not to fear to carry the cross, which is given to us!  (Recipient) Upon further prayerful discernment, it was felt Our Lady knew exactly how the evening would progress and how each of us would react without having the actual audio recorder to rely upon. It is interesting how in the midst of what may have seemed at the time to be utter chaos such beautiful participation from the attendees blossomed into a spontaneous opening up of “hearts”. The portions of the message, which were written down, seemed to apply to so many and they felt the spirituality of the evening. In reflecting upon Our Lord and the Cross, one realizes that the two are inseparable. Someone mentioned that the melting pot of joy and sorrow in essence seemed a contradiction; however the sorrow of our sins of the Cross carried by Jesus eventually turned into joy (the joy of His Resurrection and the hope for our salvation through His precious blood). Perhaps this will help us to understand to a greater degree the Mercy of Our Lord through the suffering of the Cross. A cross which each of us must carry in one form or another. When you feel your cross is too great to carry, remember the Master and the Cross He bore out of Love for all mankind. God bless you!

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine