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August 15th, 2003

The Feast of the Assumption

(The following message was received during the Friday night Canyon Rosary. It was a beautiful night of prayer. We had an overflow group with an Italian priest and two deacons in attendance. This being the Feast of the Assumption, during the afternoon Mass, Padre Bruno Martinelli Pazzaglia gave a beautiful sermon expressing how after Our Mothers death She was assumed into heaven. In the last paragraph of the evening message we were given the gift of hearing Our Mother confirm events of how She was lifted into heaven.)

(Extensive Tongues)  Sweet Mother of God.”

“My Precious Children,

What joy it brings to Your Mother when a soul recognizes the tremendous gift of relinquishing its self will …..and chooses instead to grasp and cling tightly to The Divine Will of My Son. For this is true joy. In abandonment, you have not lost, My Children. On the contrary ……you have gained tremendous wealth. For the things of this world no longer hold importance …..and only those …..those that focus on Jesus see the treasure that lays hidden beyond the realm of glory. Would you My Children give your Fiat this night ….. an  abandonment of self ……for the glory of My Son and the salvation of souls? Would you lose yourself so that others might be found? The blind wish to see ….the lame wish their limbs to be restored …. the hungry seek food. But My Children …..has God failed you in His promises?  I ask you to persevere with only love …..with love you find the humble heart . The heart  that searches for My Son …searches for the light .…. the true light that illuminates the path to holiness.” (Tongues)

“Come My Children and see as My Child sees all the angels that lifted me gently through the air ……petals of flowers dropping slowly to the earth. Do you see ….can you smell the aroma of a such a joyous time? All heaven rejoices as I ask you, My Children ….. to rejoice in the love of My Son.”

A second intense private sequence followed.


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