October 18, 2002

“My dear children,

I come as the consoling Mother to bring peace into the anxious hearts and trouble minds. I come to call you to deeper contemplative prayer. For without prayer …. you become vulnerable bait for the traps of despair and temptation.

God loves you, little children, and He wishes you to be united with Him in His love. To become united with God, you must relinquish the self will in your lives ... that God will be the only focus. Look into the eyes of Jesus …… the love that He has for you.”

“My child, (Here Our Lady wishes to emphasis that She speaks to each of us individually; therefore, the reference has changed from a general “grouping” of Her children to a more specifically direct approach to each individual “child”)

What price can you put on unconditional love? You are treasures........... priceless
treasures to God and in loving God and uniting yourself to Him you own the

greatest treasure. For the things of the world shall fade and grow dim............. then
your spirit will yearn to soar and be united with God. Trust in His mercy for the
perils of this world are great and My heart weeps as My eyes too fill with

tears............ for My children are so unprepared. (tongues) You, My little children,
My little faithful remnant, must go forth ...... filled with God’s Spirit doing His Will. Into the Harvest you go … and blessed you shall be for the Holy Spirit shall always be with you. For the strength and courage you need to persevere, will always be there. Be bold, my children. Now is not the time to be timid, but with great love … stretch out your arms to embrace your brothers and sisters . For so

many are in need............ so many wounds to be healed. The time is dark, but the
light shall shine brightly if you persevere.”

 (Visual): (Tongues) ..... (Singing is heard in the background from the prayer group) I see a shield ...... is that right Mother?..... a shield ...... a huge shield in the sky. It looks like a shield against a blackboard. It is illuminated so brightly. In the center of the shield there are three letters. P...A...X, all in red. Beside the shield is a very large sword gleaming against the darkened sky. Beautiful to see. The shield is “silence” The sword is “love”.  We are being armed with the shield of silent love. This is our weapon. Above all else ...“love” will conquer all.
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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.