November 15, 2002

“My Children,

Come and gather beneath my mantle where I shall protect you with my warmth … from the chilled air of uncertainty. My heart ablaze with love for each of our children  seeks only to draw you closer to the heart of My Son .... the Heart
of Mercy. This world, My Children, seeks only the opposite. To draw you from
mercy ... to fill you with despair ..... to torment the poor souls who strive so hard … but whose direction has been altered from the path of Christ. He is the light which you must follow. There are many false lights and many false prophets. These My Children will lead you only to darkness. But you are Children of the light of

Christ. And as such, you are being sent into the darkened world … with the light of His Love beaming brightly within your souls.

My children, I encourage you to rejoice in adversity ..........  for all the trials shall
surely come your way. But God loves you and His hand protects you. His love purifies and perfumes the ardent soul … with the aroma love.”

(Pat) “A sweet, sweet fragrance permeates the air. But I see fire [tongues]. I see two huge fires with flames that reach as high as skyscrapers in the sky. Around each fire there are groups of people, probably souls ...... but for now I see groups of people. The first group is praising ...... singing songs of joy and gratitude to God and the fire burns even more brightly and grows intensely. There is no fear ...... this is the fire of love, of joy. The second fire, even though it seems so large and so overwhelming is beginning to diminish in size and the people standing around this fire are trying to keep the flames burning. They’ve taken all that is important to them. I see homes, boats, cars, fine clothes ......... everything imaginable ...... so costly material wise and instead of making the flame grow larger it becomes smaller and smaller until there’s nothing, there’s nothing but smoldering ashes.”

(Expressed with sorrow) “I feel such a pain in my heart Mother. The first flame is so brilliant ...... it’s parting in the center and there walking through the flames is a lamb and the people are rejoicing. It’s not being burned ... it’s walking through the parting flames and now the flames are no longer flames.  It’s just a brilliant, brilliant light. It’s turned into a Monstrance ...... a huge Monstrance in the sky and Our Lord now in the Eucharist is present in the Monstrance. He has humbled Himself to come to us, to adore. The flames cannot destroy such love ...... they only accentuate and excite the souls to praise and love Him. Oh, Mother, does that tell us that our hearts should be so on fire for Our Lord when we come each day to receive him ... that we should burn with such intense love and such gratitude? Oh, Mother, words fail me. My heart is no longer mine. My heart cries for the souls that stand beside the smoldering ashes. Oh Lord of Mercy be compassionate to your suffering children.”
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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.