November 8, 2002

“My children,

You who seek to hide … and not be found intuitively … know Him whose grace has been buried deeply within your heart. You seek My Son … that you may love Him and Him alone yet in so doing … you try to suppress the grace and forego the gratitude … which should be given to God.

True humility quietly acknowledges the grace … with praise and thanksgiving and continues to serve (others) …oblivious to self-needs or desires. Humility seeks only the Will of God …….. and rests contentedly in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It is My desire to help you acquire many virtues that you may become pleasing to God. Pray always with your heart … simply and honestly. This will nurture
your love for God. Your love will then become a flame … inextinguishable by the
world … or the things thereof. For your heart will melt into the Pool of Divine Love. Perfect peace shall be your constant companion.

All praise and glory to the Lamb of God. It is He upon whom you will lean in these times to come. Be at peace, My children.”

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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.