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May 17, 2002

(Residence in Elburn, Illinois - Our Lord speaks)This particular message is perhaps only personal in nature, but due to its contents it is being presented as is and each may discern as they feel led by the Holy Spirit. There is no reason not to believe His words may apply to any or all of us; hence, we publish.Strangely, at the hour of 1:00 p.m., I felt the need to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I asked the Lord to place my spirit before Him in adoration that my prayers for the sick and dying might receive His special grace of mercy. I found myself in a heavy mist (even smelling the aroma of incense) where nothing was visible except an enormously brilliant Monstrance in which Our Lord’s radiance spoke to my heart. His words were like coals of fire which touched every part of my being. It was like a shower of purifying graces was immersing my soul as His Mercy became an audible sound. It seemed to become an echo of great love. Each time I prayed it appeared as though a gentle breeze (probably the Spirit of Mercy) carried the prayers to whomever they were intended and then returned to where I prayed. As each spiritual prayer returned, the brilliance of Our Lord intensified until the Divine Light was too intense to gaze upon.(Our Lord then said): “Such prayers please the Father who beseeches your loving perseverance for souls. You must continue through the darkness of the soul.................... when you feel so far away........ when the dryness of your bones

becomes as dust and everything is an effort........... . to pray and to trust. The
refreshing mist of My Mercy is always there..... awaiting your call!”

(Personal message) ( He then began again)......“You see.......... through prayer our
relationship becomes personal. You see Me as a loving... . caring Lord who guards

you in ways unbeknown to you....... and once again....... you begin to trust. What
delight a trusting soul gives Me. Do not allow fear to cause seeds of imaginary
anxiety to lead you along the path of disillusionment. Your prayer life must be

strong......... as it is you whom I send into the fields planting My seeds of Love. I
bless you this night with My reassuring peace. Remember to treat each soul with

tenderness as many wounds are painful to the touch......... easily bruised and
clinging only by the thinnest thread of hope!”

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine