June 7, 2002

(Our Lady Speaks)

“Children of God


How do you perceive God’s purpose for your lives and by what means do you pursue His Holy Will? Lay first the foundation of humility through which the transformation of truth evolves into earnest pursuit of holiness. In seeking holiness, recall the lives of the Saints who sought only to glorify God in simplicity and obedience in their everyday lives.

In these days of deception and temptation, it is imperative to seek the peace of Jesus which enlightens the soul and transforms fear and anxiety into a calm serenity of trust . trust in God’s love and mercy. Those seeking to avoid

suffering............ whether it be physical or mental ........  will find themselves drawn
as if by a magnet to the Foot of the Cross where healing begins. For it is the Father Himself who monitors each of His children and with tender love seeks to dwell with His children and they with Him.

It is a great awakening when souls turn from sin realizing they are temples of the Holy Spirit in which God seeks His rightful place upon the throne of their hearts. It is unity, My children, unity with God which shall invigorate each soul to seek the lost and forsaken with unconditional love drawing them from despair to the joyful confidence of God’s love and mercy.” (Long prayer in tongues . When She continued there was a slightly different inflection in Her voice)......

“Those who know so much......... yet so little..... I pity thee..... for there is no room
for compassion. Your mind is set as an immovable force. The precious oxygen of love needed to keep the body alive can no longer reach the heart. Thus, the journey from the head to the heart is blocked by a decadent clotting and unless

treated... .death shall ensue......... death to the soul...... where true joy has been
stolen like by a thief in the night. Realize now... .God’s plan is perfect..... accept each trial with joy. The evil one will continuously strike at your most vulnerable point. Strike back with love and forgiveness. The battle is exceptionally intense and shall not become easier. Give everything to God Who shall attend to

everyone according to his need.”

(Visual): I see a great barrel shaped object (almost like a wind tunnel) brilliantly lit with souls (people) continuously going in and out. It reminds me of a bee hive with so much activity... only there is no buzzing sound... but a beautiful humming...high pitched but peacefully alluring. It would appear to be a sort of sanctuary where the presence of God dwells. It’s power is like that of the magnet spoken of earlier where souls diligently work for the Glory of God where we too should be working for the Glory of God.(Footnote): There was also a very powerful audio message from the guardian angel “Samuel” during the evening Rosary at Mary’s Knoll. He confirmed their role and assignment from God to protect and guide us through our journey in this world and into the next. Much of the audio is of a very personal nature yet the Angel Samuel broadens and applies the conversation to everyone. After hearing this audio one would find it difficult to deny that angels exist. With our groups discernment we will advise if we are to publish.
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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.