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February 22, 2002

Tongues (Pat) "Maria...... Mother......... I can’t see. Help me... ... there is something on my eyes that won’t let me see ......... thank you (our Mother uses what appeared to be a part of Her mantel to wipe my eyes)..... it’s all red ...... your beautiful mantel, is all red. I’m sorry! "

(Mary) “My dear children,

You have been entrusted into the care of unconditional love. You have been placed in My hands as we take this journey through history’s darkest hour. Are you ready? Then we shall go. Take my hand as I have asked for I shall light the way along the path ..... and what is it you see that causes such alarm. Yes ... .the insensitivities of poor decision which caused the pain and death of My Son. But it is not a time in which you are called to fear... .for God never causes you to fear. He causes you to recognize the indiscretions in your lives        the sins which
mar the soul and must be cleansed and purified. Together as we take this journey ........ each and every one of us look down Do you see in between the little spots

of blood of My precious Son? Those little spots that you see are the drops of blood, which indicate the sins He bore for you. So, you see ..... we take a journey of pain ... . and yet a journey of such great love ... that yes, once again, I must say, you can never understand until you come into the Glory of God.

As you take My hand, I ask you not to look back .........  for then you will become

concerned over those whom you love in this world and wonder ……. will their
steps be following yours? Do not let your thoughts linger here, but look ahead for
God’s love. You shall see

(Pat) Tongues “ Mother... I see many people way ahead and yet, how is it possible that you hold each hand? There are so many things that I don’t understand and I can’t tell people that you can hold everyone’s hand at the same time...... but you do ...... and we are all walking in the steps of Jesus. I see three crosses... and lots of people gathered beneath. But it’s like the sun has burst above the cross and all Heaven has opened up ...and there are so many beautiful people (I think they are people)... saints (I know some relatives) ... and there is Jesus. Now Mother... you have a gray dress on... but you’re standing up there in gold. I’m confused, but it’s so beautiful and it’s so real and I know anything is possible with God. I pray it is not my sins that have darkened your clothing... but I feel that you have chosen to walk this way. And each of us ... as we take your hand... our sins, have caused your garments to darken. I’m so sorry ... but I see ahead...... and I know that once we get to Calvary , where Jesus is... He’s on the cross...... but yet high above in full glory, waiting, smiling, beckoning us. Now I know how all this comes together. I know that suffering must come, and I thank you. I thank you as I praise My Jesus ... My Jesus ...Oh Mother, I wish that I could tell of such love. You give me so much. You put so many words into My mouth ...... cannot the words which describe the beauty I see ... be placed upon my lips ... so that I might whisper them to the whole world? If not now, perhaps in time!”(Mary) “My daughter, everything in God’s time........great joy shall break through all sorrow. God’s love will permeate the air as a fragrant aroma of purification. All will breathe and feel the love and peace of God.” (Brief unprinted message continued......a personal conversation).
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine