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This small private shrine, open to the public, is located on a mountain side in Southeast Arizona, part of the Read More

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Praise the Lord! Nothing stays the same once they truly commit ourselves to the Will of the Father. We slowly Read More

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During these particularly difficult times in our lives, it is felt that our Lord desires to offer words of encouragement Read More

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La Purisima Retreat Center

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Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass
Rosario y Misa de la Temporada Navideña

Friday, December 17, 2021
Viernes, 17 de diciembre del 2021

Location: La Purisima Retreat Center
Locación: El Centro de Retiro La Purísima


For more information download the 2021 Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass
Para obtener más información, descargue el Rosario y la Misa Anual de Navidad 2021

 Live Stream of Annual Christmas Rosary & Mass

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La Purisima Retreat Center

La Purisima is named in honor of the Immaculate Conception (in Spanish, La Purisima Concepcion) - was incorporated in the Spring of 2000 to provide a "place apart" in an atmosphere of serenity and peace, where one can experience spiritual renewal and growth in the beautiful high desert of Southeast Arizona.

For the many groups and parishes of the Diocese of Tucson, as well as our other guests, La Purisima Center provides a "desert experience" of prayer and quiet reflection. We are particularly interested in providing retreat facilities for youth groups, but we welcome all groups with special needs.

For more information, please contact the Retreat Coordinator at (520) 240-5658 or or visiting


August 2, 2002

(Samuel speaks)(Pat) “It is thee I see tonight. Yes, it is true ... the weariness has drained many in our efforts to fulfill the will of Our Lord. I knew you were there ... and here you are tonight.”

(Samuel) “Yes, My Charge......... I am here tonight as I am here every night..........
every moment of your life. When you grow tired and weary and thoughts do not make sense …. call upon Me and rest your head upon My shoulder. Many of My Lord’s children suffer greatly. They suffer physically but more importantly

....... spiritually. For they do not believe in what they cannot see ........  but you little

daughter and others throughout the world like you........... you have been given a
great gift. You see the flickers of lights about you in this room ...... those who

stand guard ........  those who come to sing. ....... to bring refreshment .......  yes,
refreshment through the voice of the Angels.”

(Chimes are heard sounding …… very soothing)(Pat) “Oh, Samuel what is it I am to say tonight?”

(Samuel) “You must encourage each of God’s children to be reflections of His Love           to persevere in their afflictions and to find joy in the trials and

sufferings. As you grow tired ........... call upon us. The Holy Spirit will come torefresh you. You will find strength will be unleashed like a river................ a dam that
has burst ..... will refresh the souls.”
(Pat) “There are so many Samuel ... so many hearts that are so broken ...... so many problems. We witness so much and feel so helpless.”(Samuel) “You have not relinquished that portions of your will to God ..........  for

He alone is the strength that sustains........ the strength that heals the families
....that heals the broken bodies. We here tonight are here also to guard you ..... to

strengthen you ........  to allow peace and refreshment once again to come into your
soul. I pray thee child, do not become discouraged and all of these children who

find despair in life........... that is not of God …….. (tongues) ..... It is His peace thatHe wishes each to have buried deeply within their hearts            a peace that will be

reflected upon each face so that each face will glow with love. You need but a
smile to bring refreshment to one in pain. Comfort those you can, as we shall always comfort you. (long pause) Yes, tell them.”

(Pat) “I see a man ... He looks like a homeless person. He is just wandering through the crowds ... no one paying attention ... no one caring...... but someone stops and looks into the eyes and brings a cup of water...... and everything changes ... for Jesus walks amongst us disguised ..... and we do not bother to make the effort to see Him in others. Oh, Samuel, how ashamed ...... how many times have I looked at the face of my Lord and looked at my brothers and sisters and not seen Him. Help me ...... oh unworthy soul that I am ...... that I might find such peace in the eyes of my brothers and sisters ... for I know that it is the peace of my Lord.”Intense personal message followed...............
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