April 5, 2002

Jesus speaks...

(Jesus) “My children,

Risen, risen I am .....now and for all eternity. My great joy is to have each and every heart united with mine    where the fires of Divine Love shall purify eachand every soul......... for I have come to set the captives free......... and yet..... there
are those who chose to remain shackled to this earth. They reject my gift of salvation.....for the world and all it holds..... holds them as well.”

It is a difficult thing I ask..... but choices must be made. My Father sent Me .....it was my choice        now, it is time for you to choose between the world and the
false glamour it holds..... or to serve your Lord who promises you trials, sufferings and disappointments on this earth, but great glory in the world to come. My dear children, these habits have dug deeply into your souls. The envy, the jealously and
the pride! I detest pride and I will take each of My servants and squelch the pride

that seeks to grow and make of them new creatures......... a new beginning... a new

purification..... for only in humility ...sincere humility ... no false fronts. For I see all and total devotion I require              that I may send healing into each life..... healing that will begin a new life             a new journey       one without shackles one with only joy and My peace shall dwell in the heart of all of My children. I thank you for taking this Lenten journey with Me. I thank you for the struggles..... the difficulties which you endured in My name... for blessed are you who are persecuted for My name sake. For truly you shall receive your reward in Heaven.”

(Pat) Tongues......... 

(Mary) “My beloved children,

Do not think that I was allowed to come into this world to spare you the trials and disappointments of life? But on the contrary …. I was sent as a gentle loving Mother to take your hand and lead you over and through these difficulties ……. where together we shall go to My Son. Trust and pray and praise My Son …. for His love shall be with you now and throughout all time.”

(Pat) Tongues... “I am so confused, My Mother, I wish to speak. I see myself atthe tomb of our Lord and as I peer in ... it is barely light ... I see where My Lord was laid and I know He no longer resides there, but has truly risen. And now, Oh Mother, my spirit no longer wishes to stay ... and yet there is an anchor tied upon me ... and what am I to do Mother... what am I to do? Everything is contrary to what I believe I see .... I wish to be with Thee... but look at me, I am shackled ... this anchor just holds me here. What good am I with so many trials where I have failed Thee ... and failed those I love and yet You leave me here and you speak to Me of such beautiful things ... and so unworthy am I, that I should flee and hide ... but you draw Me ... LOVE draws me forth and I have no choice. I have no choice but to hear the words of LOVE and meekly come begging forgiveness for myself and for all those whom you love. I am wounded as my Jesus says ... a wounded Dove [references private message of April 2nd] and I try to fly. But my wings will not carry me ...... I stumble ... I drag my wings. I try My Lord and as you place your hand upon my head I feel the warmth and healing of your love. And though I stumble and fall, I will always feel your love. I will never feel rejection... as all your children who stumble and fall must know that they are not rejected but they are loved and they are consoled. Oh Mother of God, take me into your arms for now I feel so weak but yet I feel such peace ... a peace that was lost and now returns ...... for my God stands guard over all His servants ...... His angels He has sent to protect us ..... and my dear Samuel (my guardian angel) I have put you through so much and yet you hold tightly to me and I know that you guarded me and protected me as God has commanded you. My Jesus ... my love ...... it is my heart I lay before Thee. Do with me what You will ... and as I grow stronger, help me Lord to be the servant you wish me to be, that others may see the light ...... your light still burns brightly... for it is hidden but for a moment from the eyes of men. But from the eyes of God it is a “flicker” that shall turn into a flame of love.  I pray that many shall be allowed to see a glimmer of what lies ahead ...... how many changes we would make in our lives ...... I pray My Lord ...... let the scales fall from the eyes of your children ... that they may seek and seek only to do Thy Will ...... abide with Thee always!”
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