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November 9, 2001

“My dear children,

This is the time when impatience is stirring the kettle of destruction.............. and

hearts which belong to My Son are finding themselves longing for spiritual

graces. Disruption and chaos spill out all over your world........ and if it were not

for deep spiritual roots...... one would easily be swept away and tossed into the

You, My little prayer warriors, must not let down your defense, but pray with even greater fervor     for your trust is in God. He alone shall sustain you who
are faithful to Him. Let your sufferings bring you joy as the flames of Divine Love

purify your soul. Be at peace             for God sends His angels to guard His precious

(Brief visual): “The sky was gray but there was a bright smoky vapor which seemed to be coming from some vessels. I believed these were not positive signs as we might see them because the smoke arising from the vessels was of an ominous nature. The sky became very murky ......then all of a sudden the vessels appeared to be pouring their contents upon the earth was as though everything was boiling. Everything then became cloudy and faded away.”
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine