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July 27, 2001

(Visual): I see three fields .... there is a stone wall separating each field. We are in the first field. There are so many beautiful flowers. They are all wild flowers. I hear little giggles there are children some are barely able to walk  
they are so happy! They are picking these flowers and clutching them in
their little hands. I hear birds....... birds singing in the trees and butterflies
alighting on some of the flowers. Such a sense of peace. *There is a big burst of
light............ pinks, blues, gold and whites. It’s towards the end of the field. All these
little children are trying so hard to get there. They are tripping and yet they get
up giggling.......... they are having such a wonderful time. They’ve got their treasurein their hand. They are running. It is Our Lady........ can ’t see Her face, but I see a
beautifully delicate hand. It reaches down and accepts all these little bouquets.
It’s amazing......... they all fit into Her one hand and the look on the children’s faces..................................... a smile that goes from one end to the other. Their eyes are like
stars that are just dancing. They are so happy. That field is now gone.
In the next field there are people of all ages. Some are picking the flowers.....
enjoying the scenery, but others are in such a hurry. Where are they going? It
appears they are in a hurry to go nowhere. You can sense the difference....... thereis a sense of anxiety....... nothing that resembles a tranquil surrounding. It’s like
rushing to get somewhere, but they don’t know where. They walk right past Our Mother. They don’t even see Her. Oh, My Jesus. We’ve come so far yet we’ve
missed everything.
The other field now ... It’s better. There are people of all ages. They are all picking the flowers and watching the butterflies, listening to the birds, gathering

their bouquets............. and, yes, they see Her. The older ones pick up the younger
ones. Their little chubby hands holding their little treasures and even though I can’t see Her face I sense a joy She feels for I hear
“These are the children who have heard the voice of My Son ... His sheep who have returned to His pasture of peace and tranquility”.

“My dear children,

Contemplate with great joy the love of God and the sweetness of His mercy as He prepares to receive from each of you that simple gift of selfless love which you offer with all your heart. God is so great His love for you so intense              but
you are not quite ready to understand and accept the magnitude of what He has for
You .....for in your lives you fail to see the beauty ................ the true presence of God
in the smallest and in the weakest of His children. You hear whispers whispers that

penetrate your ears but cause uncertainty. for these whispers turn to shouts ........
disturbing your peace for you have not committed yourself totally to God and therefore, what you hear is a battle that rages for your very soul. Be at peace, My children, and trust in My Son for He is your strength. He is the one that loves you beyond measure. Be simple little ones and in true simplicity you shall find God and uncover the purpose He has for your life.”

(*Note): On July 29, 2001, at Saint Joseph’s Home, Our Lady confirmed She at times comes as “Our Lady of Lights”. During this visit, which followed a blessing of a priest, She also said “This place too has much meaning      it is a place of
refreshment and peace”.

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine