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July 13, 2001

This is not a message from Our Blessed Mother as we are more accustomed to receiving them, and perhaps that makes what I am about to say take on a different tone – like someone ringing a bell very loudly and saying wake up! The days leading up to the Friday night rosary were a little different than usual. It is difficult to put my finger on one particular thing – it was as though something was missing, but I could not accurately discern what that “thing” was. It was a busy week with lots of mental annoyances; however, we’ve been through thosebefore and Our Blessed Mother has always been there to guide us along the right path. This time, however, there was a major difference.Friday night came and we had a beautiful diverse group of people all gathering to sing and pray the rosary. I took my usual place in the back area and prayed with the group waiting for the time She would come and reveal Her message to us. That time did come and She did speak However, I was the one gently “hit between the eyes” when I heard Her say – “My child, you are not prepared”. To me, that said it all. I finally realized what that “thing” was that was missing earlier during the week. I had lessened the intensity of my prayers in trying to do what I thought needed to be done rather than spending the quality time with God. I compromised! I didn’t even realize that there was indeed a message – a very powerful message – for myself in particular, but perhaps for everyone else in general.Friday nights in this Our Mother’s house are special and that particular word can in no way describe the magnitude of the blessings we receive by having Her presence here with us. This should take on a whole new meaning of prayer. Are we prepared to the best of our ability those days before the rosary. This is not a monotonous prayer we recite, but a song from our hearts – as we along with the Blessed Mother walk through the life of Jesus. He is with us – His Spirit is within us. Have we “cleaned house” in preparation for honored guests, or perhaps, sometimes do we allow ourselves to become preoccupied with life and compromise leaving God on the “short end of the stick”. Our Lady certainly made me aware of my shortcomings or at least some of them. I realize even more so now that I cannot function and be a true instrument of Our Lord and Blessed Mother unless I have my intimate moments with them in prayer.

In saying that there was no message tonight – simply meant I could not “see the forest for the trees”. We do not function if we are not prepared and the only way we can work towards this goal of preparation is through prayer. God bless you!
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine