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February 16, 2001

“My beloved children,

The trials of life have tossed you about like a tiny ship dragging its anchor on an angry sea --- unable to steady itself. Pull up the anchor, My children. With great faith turn into the storm. You falter, My children, even as you hesitate to face the storm for you seek compromise with God. God does not compromise. He loves you, but He does not compromise. You hold on to God and yet you still cling to the world for you see a false sense of security. My children, in doing this you become lukewarm. Lukewarm leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of My Son.

I have been with you, Oh little children, who are trying so hard to follow My Son. I am the Mother who lovingly mends the tattered patterns of your lives with the golden thread of patient love. My children, I have come to instruct you ---- to draw you close to God that you may become His obedient children. Do not only read My messages, but practice them --- for I wish to draw you closer to God.  Through love and forgiveness may you be reconciled with God.”

Visual: Our Mother sits on a chair of stars. She is dressed in a coral colored robe with a blue mantle and across Her lap She is sewing a big rug (?) a quilt -- a tapestry. There is no end. Oh, My Jesus ---- they are all faces --- they are souls.She’s patiently stitching them one by one. These little souls through the wear and tear of sin are starting to unravel from this beautiful tapestry. But She is there unconcerned with the length of the quilt. She concentrates on each precious soul with such tender care. Beneath the quilt/tapestry there is an hour glass and it’s sifting through very quickly. Mother, it’s sifting through    there are so many                --

there is not time. She looks and I hear Her say "pray and watch as you pray". There are golden threads -- there are no hands. They are going to each soul as far as I can see. They are mending the quilt --- this tapestry of life. She looks again and She says "the name of this thread is prayer. Now you see the power of prayer”.
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine