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February 9, 2001

"My dear children,

Praise be Jesus Who has allowed Me to be with you --- to come into your presence as you feel the presence of your Mother. Oh My children, I look into each heart and I see all those hidden emotions ---- the hidden pains you fear to reveal, but I ask you this night --- do not fear, My Son --- bring to Him all that lies within your heart so that He may touch and heal the wounds before they fester --- before they cause destruction. My heart is filled with emotion this night for look what is beside Me, My children. Look closely and see not only was My Son pierced for love of you, but My heart as well has been pierced with love for all of My children.

I ask thee this night to learn a lesson --- painful though it maybe. Pride disguises itself, My children, and it has scarred many souls. I speak of spiritual pride. You become so absorbed in this prayer and that prayer ---- your brother or sister is not doing something correctly------------------------------------------------------------- According to whom, My children ?
God or to you? Beware of this trap. Do not allow yourself to be caught for it is
painful, My children ---- painful for these wounds to heal --- for spiritual pride affects the lives of so many others. I encourage you with so much love to turn

towards God and in turning toward God ---- pray, be obedient, My children, reconcile yourselves to the Lord your God --- sacrifice and do penance-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for
you are called to holy children of God. Some lessons are painful, but those which inflict the most pain have the most lasting affect. I love you, little children --- you who strive to follow My Son. Do not fear what the future holds for He who holds the future holds you in the palm of His hand. What you shall now see --- pray much, My children, for it holds much meaning."

(Visual-Pat) “The curtain opens. It is so bright. It looks like an immense cube -- clear -- a large cube --- a square. A square -- transparent -- glittering. It's like a rainbow of colors. Very tall --- very large --- like crystal (I can't tell if the colors are from the bevels in the glass). They are gold and green, shade of blue -- a dark gold --- hum ---. topaz -- purple (I can't describe the others). This massive cube turns and there are three big rectangles standing on end -- white -- maybe a precious stone ---- hum ---- Each side has three ---- twelve in all. They open ---- they're doors! They're doors opening into a city of crystal. We can't go in yet. We have to wait --- more prayer --- more sacrifices---------------------------------------------------------------------- until God calls us and then
we can enter the city).”
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine