December 23, 2001

(This message was given by Jesus during the song and prayer conclusion of the 3pm special Sunday Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Rosary gathering. The large petition basket as requested by Our Blessed Mother in Her message of December 7, 2001 was overflowing with petitions in the form of gifts to be placed in the upper grotto for the baby Jesus. With some audio difficulty these words which we believe to be accurate were transcribed from the recorded audio tape.)

“My Children,

I thank you for gathering in such numbers as My Mother stands holding not your basket my children            but a basket woven of gold. The hands of my angels
gather each petition and place it into this basket of heavenly vibrancies. My gift of which you give to me.

It is time now to rejoice......... for my angels....... their heavenly court.......... surroundthis chapel with such joy......... for the faith which you have brought. Little childrenof much faith ........... I gratefully accept your gifts ...... and I shall honor them asyour Lord and as your Savior. Precious children ........... the Queen, My Mother,
extends this basket to Me. It is the one which will be carried to me .... on

Christmas morning. My words are true........... I have heard your hearts and seen
your needs. I reign now upon you showers of graces. Golden graces from the golden basket.”

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