December 7, 2001

"My precious children,

I invite you again to take a walk with me along the star lit path to peace and serenity where you can hear the chimes of the angels voices as they praise Almighty God! Yes, we have taken these walks before, but each time you renew your steps into the footprints of the Master, you draw a closer understanding to His love for all humanity. It is most difficult understanding God's love for humanity but, you are children of God and you shall persevere and this knowledge shall be imparted into each and every one of your hearts where peace and unity as God has deemed from the beginning shall come to pass.

You look and see disaster and destruction, but what has come is but a joyous rebirth of courage      courage to go into the Harvest .... to reap the seeds that
have been planted for this is your mission. You become one with Him in Whom all things have their origin .... you become a part of Divine Love.

Now we still walk....... notice the stars ... how brilliant they are. The ground about
you is well lit. We are on a treasure hunt for memories. I see you reach down
and place something into your pockets ............ these things we shall discuss at a

later time. I see one of you has found something so precious............... come show
... your Mother. It is a button, My daughter, and what significance is this to you?"

(Pat) "I had a beautiful party dress made by mother and somehow I lost the button that held the bow and I was so distraught ... and I cried and I cried. Mother, I've ruined My dress and my mother took a button from her dress and gently
sewed it on to mine. My mother gave me her button; but, Holy Mother, most importantly she gave me her love".
"Yes, most important of all is love............. how we find it and how we share it brings
such joy to God. We will turn back now, but there are many other stories to tell. It is so important for My fragile children to have little treasures for little treasures

become of great wealth as time passes by........... be blessed this night .... as I gather
you all beneath My mantle and as the stars shine upon us, My Son smiles with His blessing upon each of you."

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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.