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October 17, 1999

"My beloved children,

Take courage for you have come to the Fountain of Mercy. Here Mercy looks at the purity of each heart. He sees the pain and sorrow --- yet, be filled with joy for My Son sees each heart and each heart He takes in His most holy hands. He is life eternal and has created you to be His children of light and love. The distractions of this world are many, but you are called to a path of holiness ---- a path that I have been sent as a light which will brighten each step. Dear ones, I ask you to hear the urgency of My call for truly this is a place of holiness -- a place of healing. I ask simply that you open the doors of your hearts that Jesus may enter where He will abide with you and you with Him. Rejoice for the love He pours forth upon you is the strength to endure the trials ahead --- so many --- yet, I tell you, with much faith ---- much prayer ---- much fasting ---- you will become strong and vital instruments of His peace. Never fear, my children, for God is always near. He has sent his angels to guide --- to guard and protect you. As a father loves and protects his children, so too, Our Heavenly Father does so much more. Allow Him to love you. Learn to forgive for in forgiveness comes true peace and joy as My Son has intended it to be."

(A brief personal message from Jesus followed by our Mother's words). "The time of great purification comes. This is a time also of joy for from the rubble will spring forth the seeds planted by Our Lord --- a rebirth. Not only of this earth, but of all of God’s children. Follow Him ---- love Him ---- and obey His commandments."

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine