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October 1, 1999

"My dear children;

I wish to breathe upon you this night My heavenly gift of love and peace. Let each breath resuscitate your mind, your body and your soul. I wish to fill you with courage. My messages to you have forewarned of these times and yet you seem so surprised. Have not my words found roots deeply within your souls. I pray, my children, that you will not falter as more and more difficult times shall come your way. Be armed with truth ---- with God¹s Holy words. Cling tightly to My rosary and pray that each moment will enlighten your hearts--- for each moment---- once

spent is forever gone. Trust My Son for His love is beyond all measure. His mercy is always there for the asking. You must take advantage of each moment, as time quickly passes and your mission to reach souls is great for the enemy strikes
at your heel, but do not fear ----for. My foot shall crush the head of evil. Be at peace my beloved children".

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine