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November 26, 1999

"My beloved children,

You are My faithful remnant --- My small but faithful ones that I call into the service of My Son. Do not lose hope or become discouraged for your numbers shall grow and you will rely one upon the other ---- for you are all a part of a magnificent plan formed long ago. Each of you has been called ---- so long ago, my children ---- before you left your mother¹s womb. All was predestined! So now I gather you --- each of you (personal conversation in tongues) for you have a great task ahead. You have barely seen or heard the greatness of what comes
- the graces My Son shall pour out upon this holy mountain.

I ask you now to begin preparation for this coming Advent. Prepare your hearts to be gentle --- loving --- and filled with compassion. So many will come. You must be prepared. Know you have found favor with My Son and this night I bless you as I gather each of you into the folds of my mantle where I shall keep you secure and free from the evil that shall come against you. Stand firmly, my dear ones, for My Son is your strength ---- rely solely upon Him. I bless you, my children. I seal you with the sign of the cross."

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine