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May 29, 1999

(The following message was given to a visiting group from California. This message was received in the Chapel while praying for the intentions of this special group who had traveled a long distance with hearts filled with love for Our Lord and His Blessed Mother )

“My children,

Do not feel disappointment in your hearts if you do not receive a special message for you have My special blessing this day    for you have come from far away to
honor Me and My Mother. All my children I gather in My most Sacred Heart.
Remember, My children, it is never I who turns and walks away from you. It is you, in your moments of weakness who turn and walk from me. Turn and gaze upon Me ... My heart on fire for each of you. See My eyes as they search each soul. What more, My children, do you need of me? Ask in your hearts, and I will

hear and answer you. I bless you.............

(Note: There was some discussion later that evening as to the frequency of messages we have been receiving. Certainly our Lord and Blessed Mother have showered us with such graces for a reason. The intensity of their love for all of their children becomes more apparent as we watch these "signs of these times". This morning’s scripture was the twenty first chapter of Luke. I believe that speaks for its self.)
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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine