December 29, 1999

"My children,

See how My Mother holds Me so tightly in Her loving arms --- so too, My children --- We wish to embrace each of you. We bring you Our peace and Our joy. Do not allow your hearts to be burdened by all the trials of life --- for even the leaf as it falls from the tree is not wasted --- for there the ground is prepared for new growth and thus, My children, the "circle" of life is unbroken. There is no beginning --- there is no end --- only a perfect circle" (said very slowly).

"My beloved, when you come into My house to adore Me --- what do you see --- but a perfect circle ---- "LIFE". I am perfection. I love you, My children and I bless you as I take each of you into My heart. Be at peace".

(Personal note:) So bright -- the lights were so bright. I was allowed to kiss the child Jesus who The Blessed Mother held in her arms. Those in attendance watched me partially raise (not levitate) up from the floor unassisted to embrace the child).(Orientation on tape followed by: Confirmation from "M" who stated The Blessed Mother said we could touch the face of Jesus. A brief message followed given to the person by The Blessed Mother. [D said] “ I was allowed to hold the baby Jesus.” [This person was visibly overwhelmed with emotion]. [L said] The Blessed Mother was seen in front by the altar with rays of white light streaming from Her hands towards [J]. This also was the first time [J] has spoken with what was felt as a special message for someone sitting close by in the Chapel).

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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.