December 26, 1999

"Allow Me, My children, to take you back to the manger where My Son was born into this world --- for tonight in My arms I carry the One of whom you spoke. This child destined for such greatness, who must bear much sorrow, I hold in My arms. Today -- not a day of sorrow --- but a day of joy --- a day of anticipation for the greatness that My Son shall bring ---- that He shall bestow upon His people. Many times I have asked you to look with your heart --- to feel with your heart, and now, as you honor me in prayer, I will pass amongst you holding My Son who shall bless you.


Rejoice as We rejoice. Thank you, my children, that you have heard My words -- - that you have heard the call and that you obey out of love. Receive this gift --- for My Son comes to each heart."

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety,
and Fear of the Lord

(Pat) These are supernatural gifts which dispose the intellect or the will to act upon the assistance and light of the Holy Spirit, and reside with the confirmed soul as long as he remains in the state of grace.(Note: In reference to Our Lady¹s gift bringing Her Son (the infant Jesus) for the period of one week from Saturday December 25th to Friday December 31st, there were some questions as to if there was a particular reason for this "seven" day period. During the visitation of December 2 7th, Our Lady indicated each day represented a "gift of the Holy Spirit". She said this was a time of grace in which the Holy Spirit desired to bestow His special gifts upon all those whose hearts were pure and sought only to be united in love and devotion to God. These gifts are ours for the asking; however, much faith and obedience to Gods Holy Will are the "keys" which will aid in unlocking this great treasure chest of graces. Believe and trust for God is full of love and mercy --- He searches each heart ---- nothing is hidden."Give thanks with a grateful heart for His mercy endures forever").

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