December 11, 1999

"My daughter,

Write these words that I have placed upon your heart that you might remember them          tell them:

You have found favor within My Heart for my words have become seeds planted and nurtured within the fertile recesses of the grounds of your hearts prepared by Me for just these times. You have not shirked your responsibility but have embraced it with faith and obedience to my word.

You have accepted the call ---- the cross ---- you have heard my voice and responded to its calling out of obedience. I call you My warriors ---- gentle and peaceful, yet filled with the spirit of My unconditional love. Become bold yet gentle warriors of love and forgiveness and through you I will work many miracles. See the fruits that now blossom into strong witnesses of courage; courage to carry the Gospel as they journey through this brief but necessary part of life.

My children, do not flee from the uncertain --- the distasteful aspects of life --- but rather with much courage and strength strive to understand with My heart the pain and suffering which life deals to all of My children. No one  escapes --- but great grace of acceptance allows you to grow in holiness and gentle spirits where true love conquers all! Prepare yourselves with reconciliation that the light of Divine Love will strengthen you to persevere for the journey with a true holiness that

forgives and gives you the grace to embrace all things in my name. Never forget, I am always with you. Trust Me and abide in My Holy and perfect Will.

Be at peace, my beloved children."

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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.