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Annual Rosary and Mass December 16, 2022

August 13th, 1999

"Oh My precious children,

See how God has sent the rains to refresh the earth; so, too, My Son has allowed Me, your Mother, to send forth the graces to refresh each soul. As the soil receives the rains and springs forth the seeds of both flower and fruit, so with them lie the weeds.

My children, the graces that We give you, as they sink deep roots in your soul-----
they must bear good fruit; but, unfortunately, little ones, the weeds of doubt ---- the weeds of confusion intermingle with the graces of God. I tell you --- be patient. Never cease in your prayers for a great responsibility has been given each of My children. Go into the fields now while there is still time. Gently sift through the souls of My beloved Son. Carefully nurture the flowers --- the souls who hunger for righteousness --- the souls who hunger for My Son. It is not an easy task, but one for which you are called.

Pray that My Son will send His Spirit to guide you --- to fill you with discernment for time approaches, My dear children, and many are not ready. Many parents have not prepared their children. All must know of My Son's great love and tender mercy. The invitation still stands while there is yet time; for Love, true Love will never close the door of hope and never lose hope, My children for We will not forsake you.

What do you wish to offer My Son this night? Will you give Him your heart? And I, if you so will, shall take each heart in My hands and bring them close to My heart and say to My Son, "Here, My Lord and My God, are the fruits of the field."

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Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine