May 18, 1998 (Jesus)

My children,

I gaze through time eternal in search of hearts willing to unite themselves with My Will. These precious souls are in the fields harvesting the crop --- preparing for the fulfillment of prophecy. They work diligently seeking those grains (souls) which have fallen --- left unnoticed --- buried beneath oppression or selfish desires which prohibit the fruition of the soul. I have sent My Mother clothed with the burning desire for souls to draw each of My children back to My Heart of Mercy.

Look about your world and observe the depth of decay. Know, My children, I do not look upon you with eyes of scorn or contempt but with Divine Love and forgiveness. Come back to Me now while there is yet time, for soon My Justice shall strike. You are called from the darkness into the light of My love to be My bearers of peace and joy. Pray with sincerity of heart and I will hear and answer you. You must be cautious and vigilant, for many are being deceived through a false sense of peace and security. Invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit, for He will dispel doubt and instill peace within each heart which seeks holiness.

Be at peace, My children!

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Drone footage presented by Finding Sacred Spaces.