March 10, 1998 (Mary)

My dear children,

We wait in the silent stillness of each heart which through trials and obedience has persevered in its efforts to draw closer to God. My children, My prayers for you have stormed Heaven's gate as many are unprepared spiritually and physically to meet the challenges ahead. The time quickly approaches when I must step aside as prophecy unfolds to a greater degree. My children will scatter in fear and confusion, but My faithful remnant will remain strong and unshaken by world events for they have sought the protection of My Immaculate Heart. I urge My little ones ----those who have strayed and have become entrapped by the enticements of this world ---- to search their hearts for true peace and wealth are not of this world but of that which soon comes. Prepare your hearts now in service to the Lord where true peace and riches beyond measure are being stored in the treasure chest of His love.

Peace and love, My children.

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