March 8, 1998 (Mary)

My dear children,

Throughout the world I have come to reinforce that which has been foretold many years ago. I am a light which shines brightly upon the path which leads to Jesus. In all ways, My children, My mission of love has been but a simple awakening of hearts ---- hearts fallen dormant through neglect ---- now reawakened ---- aroused through true conversions to become strong yet gentle voices of love. It is those voices which have assisted Me in My mission which now must echo throughout your world.

I urge you to be strong ---- well versed in your faith. Seek reconciliation often as you know neither the date nor hour in which you must account for your journey through life. I encourage you to be obedient, yet joyful, as you in trust and desire of heart, are being led into the pasture of holiness. Follow the path which Jesus

has walked being confidently aware of His Divine presence. It is the awareness of holiness which draws the soul to seek union with its Creator.

May the love of Jesus take root deeply within each heart as the realization of the signs of the times becomes more and more evident with each passing moment. Pray, My children, for evil wears a cleaver disguise and many fall unwittingly into its snare . Pray with your heart for in such times enlightenment and knowledge shall prevail for Jesus reveals to His chosen ones that which dispels the darkness of sin. It is through prayer and trust in Jesus that evil shall be defeated. Peace and love.

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