March 5, 1998 (Mary)

My dear children,

This is a most holy time in which I call you to reflect upon your lives ---- the condition of your soul for Divine Love has come to heal. He softly calls each of you to walk in His steps ---- listen with your hearts has you must be still and contemplate the words which He speaks to all hearts. Do not fear, oh little ones, for He has come to gather His precious children in all their brokenness and pain. He seeks not perfection but only open hearts in which He may pour His love ---- His peace.

I pray with the love of a mother’s heart that the awareness of these times in which you live will arouse all hearts and will stir within each soul a profound desire to be holy people of God. As each is chosen so too must each respond. Pray for discernment as much remains to be accomplished.

Peace and love.

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